Prize Specification: iBuyPowerPC Official TSM Gaming Rig

CaseNZXT Noctis 450 Gaming Case - White
ProcessorIntel Core i7 5820k Processor (6x 3.30 Ghz/15 MB L3 Cache)
MotherboardAsus X990A -- 3x PCIe x16, 6x USB 3.0, 4x USB 2.0
Memory16 GB [4 GB X4] DDR4-2400 Memory Module
Video CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 - 4 GB SLI Mode
Power Supply750 Watt - Thermaltake SMART SP-750M
Processor CoolingNZXT Kraken X40 Liquid CPU Cooling System w/ 140mm Radiator
Primary Hard Drive240 GB Kingston V300 SATA-3 SSD
Data Hard Drive1 TB HD 32MB Cache, 7200 RPM 6.0 GB/s

ONOG Summer Circuit sponsored by GEICO and VGVN

Why Opens Matter

In every tournament thread in the history of Hearthstone, a few common questions seem to always pop up: Why do we see the same players in tournaments over and over again? How do you make it in the Hearthstone scene? Why aren’t there more open tournamen … Continued

A VGVN History Lesson

As the ONOG Summer Circuit sponsored by GEICO is the spiritual successor to the VGVN tournaments hosted by the collaboration of Liquidhearth and ONOG last year, we’d like to take a minute to strut down memory lane in order to revisit some of the moment … Continued

Strategy in the Conquest Format

Conquest is the format in which the ONOG Summer Circuit sponsored by GEICO will be played. Each match will be best-of-five. In Conquest, both players hand in a list at the start of the tournament with a set number of classes: three in the case of a bes … Continued


The core of our circuit will begin at the open tournament level. Over the next three months, we’ll hold a total of sixteen completely open and free-to-play tournaments. The winner of each of these tournaments will directly move onto one of our feature tournaments. In addition, each of these tournaments will have the semifinals, finals, and third place match broadcasted and casted by premier casters. We hope this will give as many players as possible some experience regarding what it’s like to make it to a big stage.

Four times over the course of the next three months, we will hold 8-man “feature tournaments” featuring 6 players who qualified via qualifiers and GEICO points as well as two invited players. The eight players who will compete in each feature tournament will consist of the following:

  • Invite #1
  • Invite #2
  • EU Open Winner #1
  • EU Open Winner #2
  • NA Open Winner #1
  • NA Open Winner #2
  • Player with this most EU GEICO points who has not yet competed in a feature tournament
    Player with the most NA GEICO points who has not yet competed in a feature tournament[/list]Compared to most other similar tournaments (with the exception of ESL Legendary Series), these are more able to showcase the qualified players. Think of how much you’ll able to be able to brag to one of your friends if you beat either an Amaz or a Trump!

GEICO Points

In addition to prize money and heavily contested Hearthstone World Championship Points, you can also win GEICO points for doing well in our tournaments. What’s the purpose of GEICO points you may ask? GEICO points are valuable because they allow you to advance to the next stage of tournaments without having won any of our open qualifiers. Here’s a quick breakdown of GEICO points:

  • You can earn points by placing in the top 32 of any of our open tournaments or by doing well in our feature tournaments.
  • GEICO points are cumulative throughout the circuit.
  • GEICO points do not carry over to the other region. (NA GEICO points are NA only and EU GEICO points are EU only) This was done so that it’s not a huge advantage to have accounts on both servers.
  • For each feature tournament, the player with the most GEICO points on each server who has not yet competed in a feature tournament will be invited.
  • At the end of the circuit, the two players who have the most GEICO points in each region will directly advance to our LAN Finals! Thus, it is possible to never make it to a feature tournament but still advance to the LAN finals!

The purpose of the GEICO points is to reward consistency and try to diminish the impact of RNG as much as possible in our qualifiers. If you make to the finals of one of our finals and just fall short, you don’t necessarily have to fret because you’re setup better for success in the future. If you do consistently well over the course of many opens, but never win a tournament, you still might be directly seeded into one of our feature tournaments or even our grand finals!

Open Placement GEICO Points Hearthstone World Championship Points Prize Money
1st 10 points and Feature Tournament Qualification 10 points $175
2nd 9 points 5 points $75
3rd 7 points 1 point $50
4th 5 points 1 point
5th-8th 3 points
9-16th 2 points
17-32nd 1 point

Feature Tournament Placement GEICO Points Reward
1st Instant PAX Qualifcation $3,000
2nd 16 points $1,500
3rd/4th 10 points $750
5th/6th 6 points
7th/8th 4 points

GEICO Finals Placement Hearthstone World Championship Points Prize Money
1st 100 $10,000
2nd 50 $5,000
3rd/4th 20 $3,000
5th/6th 10 $1,500
7th/8th 10 $500